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On Friday morning, 12/05, the doctor said, “You’re healthy. Baby’s healthy. And no, he’s not coming early.” Mama worked, Papa Jason Hope worked, we went for a walk in the snow in the evening. We couldn’t wait to see all our friends and family at our shower the next day. We were relieved that we didn’t have to get up quite so early, as our childbirth class had been postponed, due to the snow, ’til the next weekend. Mama made a couple more additions to the pre-baby list.

On Saturday morning, 12/06, the Feast of St. Nicholas and the day of the Big Blizzard, Mama woke up at 1:30 am, feeling awfully odd. By 2:30, the on-call doctor said, “Call back in an hour.” By 3:30, she was packing and practicing breathing. In the dark and snow, Mama and Papa headed to the hospital, wondering what might come next…

Much to our surprise and happiness, into a snowy New York City came Milo Blue Richardson, lifted from Mama’s stomach with Papa right there, in the OR, at 5:42 pm, Saturday evening. He was 21.6 inches long, weighed 8.8 pounds, and spent four nights with Mama (and her 15-year-old roommate Evelisse, baby Tamiya and often, Evalisse’s 16-year-old boyfriend Carlos — a chapter in the novel, later) at St. Vincent’s Hospital, while the snow melted, dozens of residents came, examined, and left, and Mama’s fever was monitored.
New York Downtown Hospital: The Heartbeat of Lower Manhattan

Finally, yesterday, with Mama fever-free, Milo’s eyesight and hearing determined perfect, our little family got the release papers, alarm bands cut off, and headed home.



Surely the rest of NYC spent the day caught up in some kind of crazy holiday hustle and bustle, but Milo and his parents snuggled up in relative quiet, and hid away, in a cozy world of playtime and diapers and pushing on the bear rug, a vist from Charlie who brought a baby-size tree, and naps for all three of us (a first!)…

When we woke up, there were phone calls with friends and family too far away, and all we hear is, “Send more pictures!” So, for those of you who can’t see in person how much our little son has grown, this is for you:

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On September 13th, in the company of 127 friends & family, we got married! The ceremony and dinner were held at the Angel Orensanz Foundation, an amazing old synogogue-turned-arts foundation, in the Lower East Side. Many thanks & big love to all those who travelled to be part of the fun.

Peter and Lena made a slide show of their NYC adventure, with lots of wedding pix. And Diana made a cool one, too!

To answer the frequently asked question, Who made your invitations?, we have to confess, it wasn’t us. Our lovely friend Anne Millett is the creator. Please visit her web site for more wonderful cards.

Daytime, our friend Dan Parham is an innovative graphic designer and artist; after dark, he slips into a phone booth and becomes Karl Zeiss, famed local DJ with international flair. We were incredibly lucky that this North Carolinian offered to cook up some dance-ready tunes for our wedding. Thanks, DP!
New York Sightseeing Tour

For those still asking, we’ve kept our registry open. There are pretty plates at Ceramica: (800) 228-0858. And, Barneys New York, Bridal Registry, still has some tableware left: (800) 777-0087, ext. 2066.